My favorite thing is helping people improve their strength, speed, and fitness. To do these right a solid nutrition plan MUST be in place or else a lot of the effort can go to waste. And there’s nothing more sad than effort going to waste.

Combining smart training with a smart diet and incredible things can happen. These elements are the basis of the program I have built. The only thing that is left is the amount of effort you are ready to put in. You see, the greatest program in the world, and the most incredibly designed diet won't get you anywhere without effort. I’ve done my best to set you up for success and now it’s up to you determine how big that success will be.

You’ll do workouts that might be a new approach for you like using sand bags and running at a track or up stairs, but we’ll also include fun challenges to test how you’re doing along the way. During all of this, you’ll receive top-notch nutrition guidance and coaching.

What is Online Personal Training?

A relationship with an expert that helps you become a better version of yourself.

You probably already have an idea of what a personal trainer is. Most likely it’s an image of a person that you have to report to in person at some big gym. They help keep you accountable to your workouts, design a plan that fits your goals, and they provide you with cheesy trainer-isms during the workout like, “Pain is weakness leaving your body!”, or “Sweat is just fat crying!”. (You then roll your eyes either behind your trainers back, or to their face depending on how long you have known them).

Having an online trainer is a little different. You have access to your trainers expertise all while being able to practice and hone your skill and strength on your own schedule. Online training is all about building a relationship with someone who can empower you with knowledge so that you can make informed, science-based decisions about your health. You and your online trainer should get along. This should be a positive relationship in your life so you should be working with someone you are comfortable with.