Yeah, I named this after Thor’s Axe in The Avengers. Because it’s awesome. This is the marque 6-month program that includes all of the components mentioned below—the real deal for those looking to torch fat and get fit. In 6 months, if you do the work, you WILL NOT be the same person you are today. Don’t sign up for this if you’re not truly interested in change.

  • 6 months of fully customized workouts and meal plans. You get everything you need fully tailored to fit you and your specific goals.

  • The meal plan tells you exactly what to shop for, how much to eat and how to construct the meals.

  • A private Facebook group that supports you on this journey. This is the community. Give and receive support and encouragement here.

  • Twice a month video call with me. This is huge value in itself. (worth $300)

  • Personalized coaching from me. Here we can make sure the workouts are moving you towards the goal you are truly after.

    • reciprocal commitment to carrying out the 6 months to the best of your ability. Nothing is more helpful than having a coach, but there has to be communication!

    • Before and after photos showing progress. In the thick of things you will forget about the progress you are making. These photos are STRONG evidence of the hard work you put in.


the Hammer

This is the Basic program. It’s 12 weeks to destroy body fat and build sustainable long term habits. There’s not much basic about this program though. This version comes with the innovative and super effective workouts that produce Real World Strength and Fitness. These workouts will not only destroy fat but will also build strength that helps make every day life easier. The diet plan is all laid out for you and includes a shopping list so you know exactly what you need to buy. Everything you need to succeed is here.

  • Unlimited instant messaging via the custom app we use for training.

  • A commitment to carrying out the workouts to the best of your ability. Everyone needs accountability. You start off by making a commitment to yourself and to me that you will give this your best effort. I’ll hold you to it.

  • Learn how to take back control of your weight, your fitness, and your health. You deserve to feel good.


  • A 2 Phase approach to fat loss. Phase 1 is 8 weeks and is where we set the body up to lose as much fat as possible. Phase 2 is 4 weeks and we start transitioning the diet to reflect and instruct what a healthy long term approach should be.

  • A private Facebook group where you get to ask questions and have them answered. I also post educational articles and videos there.

  • Group video calls. Check in’s in a group setting. As part of the community you will be able to join the group coaching calls and have questions answered directly by me in real time.