What's Needed and What’s Helpful for Weight Loss

What things do you absolutely need to be successful with weight loss?

  1. To eat fewer calories than you burn.

  2. The ability to stick with No. 1 consistently for a while.

  3. A bit of toughness to get through the times that are hard.

Thats about it. But there are also some things that make weight loss (and fat loss specifically) better.

  1. Enough protein to build and hold muscle.

  2. Resistance Training, to build and hold muscle.

  3. Metabolic/Cardio, for a number of health benefits.

  4. A meal plan to help guide you when you feel lost.

  5. A community that supports you.

  6. Eating vegetables to help with hunger and for health.

  7. Lots of activity, as outlined in a previous post.

  8. Coffee, to stave off hunger and be a better person

  9. A “why”. The better your “why” the better your effort.

  10. A coach to help guide the way with all of this…