One of the fastest ways to negatively impact your workout performance is to let dehydration creep in.

Ideally you would have around 20 ounces of water a couple hours prior to your workout, then sip on water as desired throughout the workout. If you have done these things you shouldn’t be parched after the workout, but probably shoot for 20 ounces within an hour or two after the workout ends. Remember, you’re shooting for roughly half your body weight in ounces of water per day, so this protocol puts a pretty good dent in that number.

If you workout first thing in the morning it’s super important to hydrate as soon as you wake up. Sleeping 7-9 hours (you are, right?) will dehydrate you to some extent. Breathing and sweat over that length of time can mean a fairly significant amount of water loss. Even if you don’t “feel” dehydrated, you most likely are. Drink the water anyway. 

If your workout or event lasts ~80 minutes or more or you are someone that sweats A LOT some sort of electrolyte drink might be warranted. Gatorade makes a lower sugar version these days thats pretty good. They taste good and have the electrolytes to help, plus a bit of carbs to help fuel your crazy workout.

There’s also no need to OVER-hydrate. Drinking excessive amounts of water won’t enhance performance, and will likely make performance worse. Stick to realistic amounts.

This is pretty low hanging fruit for workout performance. Don’t let something so easy to address stand in your way.