Diet and Exercise Complement Each Other

One of the reasons combining a good diet and a good training program is effective is because those two things end up working synergistically. Studies have shown many times that combining a good diet with exercise produces better results than either of them alone. 

But the physiological response is not what I’m talking about. 

When getting going on and dedicating yourself to a workout plan it’s often much easier to stick with a diet plan. And it’s the same the other way around. 

It makes logical sense too. Sticking to a diet usually makes people feel pretty good. You’re getting away from over eating and focusing on lighter fare. That means fewer food comas and less lethargy. That makes it a whole lot easier to feel like doing a workout. 

Doing a good workout makes you feel like you are working to accomplish something (and you are). And working hard gives you a sense of pride. That helps you want to support your hard work with a good diet. 

It’s all a positive feedback loop. And it feels really good to make good progress. 

Of course there needs to be a wary eye for things that might interfere. But a single missed workout or off plan meal won’t disrupt real progress. If something trips you up, shrug it off, get back to the plan and keep that momentum going.